website in a week

Go from idea to launch with a done-for-you website package designed for startups and busy entrepreneurs.

Are you starting (or relaunching) a new business? Maybe you’re thinking about going out on your own as a consultant or soloproneur, starting a side hustle, or going public with that hobby... you know the one. Maybe you’re a serial entrepreneur who knows how important it is to launch ideas quickly and get feedback.

You need a website to share this venture with the world, but the unknowns, time commitment, and gap between idea and execution is overwhelming. It doesn't have to be!

We designed this package to make it EASY: all you have to do is complete a questionnaire + share your brand assets/images. We'll kick off on Monday, you'll provide edits on Wednesday, then we launch your new website on Friday. Yes, really.

Your Next Steps:

After the discovery call to confirm this package is a good fit for your business, here's everything we'll need from you:

  1. Accept Proposal
  2. Complete Questionnaire
  3. Upload Assets
  4. Project Kickoff Call
  5. Submit Edits + Meeting
  6. Sign Launch Approval
  7. Sign Website Hosting Agreement
Sarah M. Schumacher
founder + creative director

Are you ready for the easy button?

I've been creating websites for startups, small businesses, and soloproneurs for over a decade. I've seen many, many founders struggle with everything required to build a website, which is why I've packaged up our consultant-driven, detail-oriented process into a straightforward website design + development package that makes it genuinely easy to get your business online.

Without support, you'll have to make these decisions on your own:

  • choose a website platform and supporting software
  • educate yourself on the technical components
  • keep track (and share) all the accounts and integrations
  • write copy to explain what you do
  • create and keep branding consistent and professional

If you don't pick a direction and run with it, nothing happens. But the pressure to make the "right" decision is immense. What if I pick the wrong platform/vendor/DIY page builder? What if it's too hard? What if I have to do it all over again?

We've already made the technical decisions for you.

Your time is best spent talking to customers, developing your service offerings and learning how to market them, not researching the best place to buy a domain name or how to set up WordPress hosting. You probably already know this: everyone talks about staying in your "genius zone" or doing "$10K work."

The problem is that you still need a website. The solution is to delegate that work to trusted experts who know exactly what will work best for your business. I've been refining our packages and process for over a decade, then compressed it into one week to eliminate overthinking because it's time to JUST. START. We know what works, and how to do it. Let's do it together.


“Sarah has an exceptional ability to understand a complex business, clarify what is essential information, and put it all together in a way that is easily understood and used. She also writes extremely well. Her support when things change quickly is reliable and excellent. You will be proud of your website!” 

Lydia McEvoy
Clay County Collector

one week. new website.

Are you ready to check "have an awesome website" off your to-do list? We are... and we only have 2 openings per month. Schedule a discovery call and let's talk.

how it works

You'll answer questions about your business in a single questionnaire, then upload your branding and images to a shared project folder. We ask you to set aside one week to be available for immediate questions and feedback; this is a sprint. We kick off the project on Monday and apply our expertise to move fast, make edits and launch by Friday.


Project Kickoff Call

We'll begin the week with a Project Kickoff Call to explain our process and answer any last minute questions.



Website Design + Development

We build your new website from the questionnaire and provided assets, applying our designer eyes and developer know-how. Copywriting is included.



Client Review + Meeting

Review your new site and request edits by drawing on screen with our feedback tool. We'll meet in the afternoon to confirm updates so edits can be completed ASAP.



Revisions + Client Approval

You'll review the site one last time, sign the Launch Approval document we'll initiate our pre-launch checklist.



Launch + Hosting Agreement

After final testing, your new website is live and ready for real-world feedback. We'll send our Website Hosting Agreement, and you'll receive instructions on how to log in and make edits.

Case Study

Lisa Holiman was ready to restart her business (and her website) with our signature Website In A Week package. She had a  previous website, but it hadn't been touched in a decade, so she reassessed her existing copy, updated her service descriptions, shared her staging photos, and we took care of the rest.

We had already worked on a brand refresh for Breath of Fresh Flair, so the new site utilized the new logo/color scheme and brand guide, making the transition particularly striking. Click to see Lisa's new, live website.

what's included

Everything you need, nothing you don't. We do not offer extensive review, edits, or complex/bespoke design for this package. The two biggest items that slow down website projects are 1) copy, which we solve by writing it for you (based on your questionnaire), and 2) indecision/extensive revisions, which we eliminate by allowing for 1 round of revisions and a tight launch window.

Once the site launches you'll have the ability to make edits yourself, but the most important thing is to get online in the first place (that wording you're stressing about may not even be directed to the right target client, but you won't know that until you start to get feedback from real customers).

Who this package is for:

  • startups who need to get online quickly
  • serial entrepreneurs launching a new idea
  • busy founders with limited time
  • new soloproneurs starting from scratch
  • frustrated DIYers ready to start over

Our Website In A Week package is built on self-hosted WordPress, and our Managed Hosting Plan is required for all website builds. We maintain our own website hosting to simplify the process and software licensing for our clients, as well as to ensure quality control. We build sites to load quickly: speed and reliability are always dependent on the quality of your hosting.


"I cannot sing enough praises for Sarah and her amazing set of skills and dedication to her clients. I have relied on her entirely for my website management and now use her to help set up and manage my client management system. Sarah is the best money I spend on my business. I would recommend her to any business owner."

Jessica Roark

all-in-one package

Website In A Week
  • domain Name/URL (.com) registration (renews annually*)
  • managed hosting account setup (renews monthly**)
  • website questionnaire to determine copy and styling
  • design/develop 3-5 website pages (home, about, services, contact, other)
  • basic copywriting for all pages
  • 1 round of revisions prior to launch
  • mobile-friendly, responsive design and adjustments
  • basic custom contact form with integrations
  • Google Analytics/Search Console setup for tracking
  • implement SEO best practices (site-wide settings, page meta titles/descriptions)
  • submit sitemap to Google, Bing
  • login/editing instructions + documentation

*Domain name renewal fees are added to monthly hosting invoice for $2/month (for standard URLs).

**All WordPress website packages require a cyclone press Managed Website Hosting Plan, which includes hosting and maintenance services, all standard required software licenses, optional email marketing software, and an exclusive hourly rate for update requests after site launch. See this page for more information on our hosting plans.

package add-ons

Everything we do is designed for startups and small businesses, so our most recommended products are available as straightforward package add-ons.

Google Workspace

  • Set up paid/branded Gmail account ([email protected])
  • Connect to domain, create aliases, configure DNS settings
  • Connect to website analytics and search statistics

Email Signature Design

  • Set up email signature software and connect to account
  • Design custom template and merge tags settings for all users
  • Add users, customize individual signatures

Email Marketing Software

  • Software install and configuration
  • Create subscription form, lists/segments and import existing subscribers
  • License included for up to 5000 subscribers (no monthly fees)

Privacy Policy Generator

  • Set up auto-updating policies account
  • Install code on website
  • Generate Privacy Policy, Terms, Disclaimer, EULA (as needed)

Online Booking

  • Install and setup of appointment booking software
  • Customize styling to match your brand
  • Connect with Google calendar

Online Contract Software

  • Software setup, configuration
  • Create one template and integrations
  • Instructional walkthrough

Logo Design

  • 2-3 digital mockups
  • 2-3 revisions and color options
  • Completed vector artwork (formats for print and web)

Business Cards

  • Design print-ready artwork with your branding
  • Premium printing, specialty options, shipping included
  • Easy reorders with artwork on file

Process Consult

  • In-depth discussion of existing processes
  • Review software/integration options
  • Create a process chart and implementation plan

"I highly recommend cyclone press! Sarah walked me through the process of site development with such ease and fun! She was always very responsive, creative, prompt, and thorough. The experience couldn’t have been better, and the final product exceeded all expectations."

Cameron Smith

website in a week FAQ's

Totally. 90% of delays are caused by waiting for content, login access, logo files, etc. We have a solid process for all our website projects, but we've compressed this process into one week with strict constraints. If you can commit to the deadlines for the questionnaire and uploads, then be available the week of buildout for 2-3 meetings and reviews, we'll take care of the rest.

By default, Home, About, Services, and Contact, with one additional wild card page (Testimonials, for example). There are add-ons for additional pages if needed.

We utilize the same thorough process we've spent years refining, and compressed it into a single week by removing the longer discovery and design phases, eliminating bespoke elements, and making decisions based on best practices.

For example: rather than spending more time and expense to build out a custom sitemap, we default to our recommended pages for most businesses: Home, About, Services, and Contact, with one additional wild card page (Testimonials, for example).

There are minor customizations inside the package itself, and everything else is an add-on. For example: every package includes setup of a basic contact form with a few custom fields of your choosing, but integrating online scheduling software would be a package add-on.

Yep! We build websites with a lightweight WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) page builder specifically so clients can make edits themselves. Once the site is launched, you'll receive login information and instructions.

Our Website In A Week package is built on self-hosted WordPress, meaning we install WordPress open source software on our website hosting, then maintain it for you with included updates, backups, and security/uptime monitoring. WordPress gives you full control over your website; you aren't locked into a service like Squarespace, so at any point you could package up your website and take it to any web host of your choosing. This is why we use and recommend WordPress (also because it's easy to use, great for blogging and SEO, and it powers half of the Internet, meaning it's easy to find technical help because so many people have experience using it).

WordPress is installed on a website host, which is a technical process that requires ongoing maintenance. We have yet to meet a small business owner who has the know-how, desire, and time to do this, which is why we take care of everything for you.

Our monthly hosting is truly managed, meaning the cost includes the hosting space itself, routine updates, backups, security and uptime monitoring, and over $1500 worth of software licensing. The beauty of WordPress lies in the ability to add functionality, but the best features are paid (premium contact forms, for example). Our standard recommendations are included in your hosting at no extra charge, meaning you can save thousands per year and you don't have to worry about extra account logins and managing license renewals.

You also have the advantage of a single point of contact for all website issues. Our team is available on-demand if you need help or want to add technical features in the future.

Learn more about our WordPress Managed Hosting Plan here.

If you'd like to add branding to this package, we would complete that portion prior to your website kickoff week. Your brand guidelines are a requirement to build your website, so we would need to ensure approval on that component first.

one week. new website.

Are you ready to check "have an awesome website" off your to-do list? We are... and we have 2 openings per month. Schedule a discovery call and let's talk.

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