managed WordPress hosting

There's no way around it: website hosting is a pain. If you're setting up your own website, this is what you'll have to do:

Research Host

Which web hosting company is best?

Reputation, uptime, upsells, security, product offerings, ownership, what platform you're using, what dev tools are included...

Choose Plan

What type of hosting, with what features?

Type of hosting: shared, VPS, or dedicated servers. Individual plan details: storage space, bandwidth, or special features.

Manage Logins

Passwords and access panels.

There's usually a host dashboard with products and billing, a backend where you add/update services, and WordPress or other install.


Install software, connect domains.

Once you have the hosting account, you'll need to install WordPress, point your domain at the server and more.

Chat w/Bots

The dreaded tech support shuffle.

Website error, maintenance email or the server goes down? You're responsible for contacting the host to see what's up.

Good news! You can bypass all of that.

We register and renew URL's, host your website, run updates, backups, monitor security, and answer your questions.

As your single point of contact for all website services, you'll no longer have to hunt for logins or remember what software or services you're running. Everything we do is tailored to what works best for you, the busy, non-technical small business owner with services to perform and the world to conquer.

Hosting vs. Managed Hosting

What is web hosting anyway? Well, it's essentially renting space on a server to store and serve your website files. It renews monthly or annually, and it's generally nothing more than server space, an access panel of some kind and a few free tools. When you see the low monthly cost clickbait across the internet, that's just for the space, and never includes maintenance. It's assumed the website owner will update plugins, run backups, and know what to do if there are security issues. We don't know a single entrepreneur who has time to do that, which is why maintenance is built into our hosting plans. Managed hosting = maintenance done for you.

plugin licenses worth $1567/year

Plugins are how you extend the functionality of WordPress. If you decide to add e-commerce, you would install WooCommerce, for example. When we host your website, we include licenses to our favorite, recommended plugins at no extra charge. Generally you would have to purchase an annual license for each of these products yourself, meaning you'd have to spend around $1567/year for software we include for free.

what's included in our WordPress hosting

Every website feature below is included with our hosting at no extra cost:

  • Free SSL setup

    We set up security certificates for every website we build at no extra cost (https:// – shows the little green padlock in the address bar). Despite the ability to install SSL for free, certain hosts will try to sell it to you for an additional fee. Read more about what SSL is and why it matters.

  • Maintenance included

    WordPress theme and plugin updates are released every week (core updates every few months). Occasionally an update will break something, so you also need to be running regular backups. When you see those “as low as” hosting advertisements, they do not include maintenance. Routine updates, backups, security and uptime monitoring are included in our hosting costs.

  • No hosting upsells

    If you purchase hosting yourself, you’ll have to educate yourself on the different types of servers, how much storage/bandwidth you’ll need and other un-fun technical things. Hosting renews annually, and hosts will often try to upsell you on products or features you don’t need. Our recommendations are tailored to you. We’ll only suggest an upgrade if it makes sense for your business, and we’ll explain why.

  • Image optimization

    When building your site, we run your images through our custom resizing workflow so your site loads quickly. Another layer of on-site image compression is included with every website - new images are optimized as you upload them, no extra steps required.

  • Powerful contact forms

    We include a subscription to GravityForms for all client websites, for FREE. It’s easy to use, includes all the form fields you might need, and has a ton of integrations for things like digital signatures, PDF’s, complex calculations and more.

  • Drag & drop editor

    We use a responsive drag and drop theme for all our websites, meaning you have the ability to access all the features we did when we first built your website. If you want to create a new page entirely yourself, the tools are there for you to do so, no coding required.

  • Tech support

    We don’t disappear once your website is built. Let’s say you’re having trouble setting up a third party integration. Give us a call and we’ll walk you through it or make you a screen recording. Alternatively, if you decide your time is better spent writing proposals, we can set up that integration for you.

  • Google Analytics setup

    We’ll set up a Google Analytics account and connect it to your website so you can see your traffic and monitor demographics, if you’re so inclined. We also submit sitemaps so Google can crawl your new site right away.

  • Speed optimization

    We build our websites with speed in mind, and included for all our clients is a fantastic premium caching plugin to make sure your site loads quickly.


"I highly recommend cyclone press! Sarah walked me through the process of site development with such ease and fun! She was always very responsive, creative, prompt, and thorough. The experience couldn’t have been better, and the final product exceeded all expectations."

Cameron Smith

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