note-taking apps: Evernote vs. Bear

I’ve been using Evernote since 2011. Unfortunately, over the last several years it’s started to go downhill. Speed alone on the iOS app is atrocious. I’ve been keeping an eye out for alternatives, so in 2020 I decided to migrate to Bear and try it out. After 2 weeks of use (I use note-taking apps daily) I wrote a comparison review where I contrasted Bear’s features and how they compare to Evernote.

That post was originally published here on, but now lives on the website for my tech coaching company, first pixels. I still write tech tutorials and occasional software reviews, but those make more sense on that site, so subscribe to first pixels tech if you’re into that kind of thing. Click the button below to read the full review.

4 thoughts on “note-taking apps: Evernote vs. Bear”

  1. Thank you for this review and assessment. While I live in Chicago, these days, I’m a native of Kansas City! I thought that fun fact was quite a bit interesting in your bio. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been back-and-forth with reviews about notetaking apps. I think I’m going to try Bear for two months and then make a decision. At any rate, I am having adverse to paying for an application just to hold the ability to sync. I am stubborn and ornery enough to do that part myself. Laughs! I don’t use these apps as aggressively as others, but I’m taking an online course and need to keep facts straight, in the moment; I don’t have time to go back and ‘re-do’ my notes. This was a very useful assessment.

  2. Are you still sticking with Evernote even with the latest update? I just need some affirmation from some evernote users just like you.

    • I am, although I’m disappointed in it. I obviously wrote this post before the new iOS update, which is now ridiculously slow. I can’t say I even like the new layout, so it’s completely lose-lose and I’m irritated every time I have to wait on the dang thing to load. The only reason I’m not more upset is because I use Evernote’s free plan. If I was a paying user I’d be pissed (I should note – that’s what keeps me from becoming a paying user as well).

      I recently tried Nimbus Note, which leans more toward Notion than just note-taking. However, it’s awkward, buggy, and I lost content, so the main reason I continue to use Evernote is because I trust their data storage/syncing. I really don’t understand the kind of choices they’re making though, and I’m definitely paying attention to competitors.

      I feel it’s important to note this does not change my opinion on Bear. While it might work for some, it’s not for me, regardless of Evernote’s updates.

      • Gee thanks! Your opinion is very much helpful. And I think moving data on another is much more difficult than dealing with the slow app of Evernote right now. I tried Bear as well but the tagging system alone is difficult because I got used to Notebooks. I just hope that they will be able to transition completely soon.


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