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We want to work with soloproneurs and entrepreneurs in Liberty, Kansas City, and the surrounding metro area who are interested in building a long term relationship with a team that functions as their on call, in-house marketing department. Our goal is to help you grow by simplifying and providing the tools you need to brand and market your business effectively.

We want to work with:

If this is you, please get in touch and let us know how we can help you build a better business. We’re particularly interested in socially conscious entrepreneurship, business support, tech, makers, foodies/coffee and all things Kansas City (although you certainly don’t have to be local to work with us).



"I cannot sing enough praises for Sarah and her amazing set of skills and dedication to her clients. I have relied on her entirely for my website management and now use her to help set up and manage my client management system. Her brain works in an entirely different way than mine and I'm SO thankful to be able to call on her when I'm in need of tech help. She knows it ALL...and if for some reason she doesn't, she figures it out. Sarah is the best money I spend on my business. I would recommend her to any business owner that doesn't want to spend hours writing code and making things work. ha. But seriously – I owe her so much more than I pay her."

Jessica Roark

"I had an all around amazing experience with Sarah and Cyclone Press. She made it important to understand my business and the image I wanted to create. She also offered bits of advice along the way, to make sure I had addressed all the steps necessary when starting a business. I appreciate her artistic creativity and help to come up with just the right outcome for our project."

Maria Seedorff
Greek Girls Gourmet

“Sarah has an exceptional ability to understand a complex business, clarify what is essential information, and put it all together in a way that is easily understood and used. She also writes extremely well. Her support when things change quickly is reliable and excellent. You will be proud of your website!”

Lydia McEvoy
Clay County Collector

"I highly recommend cyclone press! Sarah walked me through the process of site development with such ease and fun! She was always very responsive, creative, prompt, and thorough. The experience couldn’t have been better, and the final product exceeded all expectations."

Cameron Smith

"I have used Cyclone Press across multiple businesses and for a lot of different things. Each time I am blown away by the quality of work and how quickly I get designs back. I would highly recommend!"

Jarred Donalson

"We created a new logo and business cards for our office and Sarah was amazing through the whole process with very creative ideas. Highly Recommend!"

Aaron Wolfswinkel
Naturally Chiropractic

“Cyclone Press is the most effective and efficient company I have worked with in the tech sector. Sarah is an exceptional listener and delivered exactly what was needed for my website to be top notch, aesthetically correct, and professional. CP is an absolute ‘must hire’ if you are looking to edge up your presentation digitally.”

Patricia McManus
Supersweet Painting

"I've worked with Sarah on a couple of projects in the past and I always feel like she 'gets me.' She produces lovely work and is extremely diligent in getting it just right. I would recommend her in a heartbeat. She is responsive, receptive and just plain cool."

Lisa Holiman
Breath of Fresh Flair

“Sarah is a crucial member of our team. She brings to life what I see in my head but could never create myself. Sarah brings her quirky creativity to my presentations making them fresh, making them sparkle. Sarah always exceeds expectations and does it efficiently with quick turn-around.”

Matt B.

"Sarah @ Cyclone is the BEST."

Dave M.

“Cyclone Press is absolutely amazing, from communication to execution of their services, they treat every project like it’s their very own.”

Eric Rosell
PH Coffee

"Cyclone Press gives you everything you need and doesn’t waste your time offering impractical solutions. Sarah and her team understand what businesses truly need and she works hard to offer great solutions."

Bil B.

"cyclone is FAST, CREATIVE, HIGHLY-ADDICTIVE GRAPHIC MARKETING for my small growing business!"

Josh T.

"We were extremely pleased. Services were prompt and very professional. Sarah is very talented and creative and helped us design numerous items for our marketing needs."

Scott S.

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