Bill Filer was the perfect candidate for a brand new website + startup package

As an English language coach beginning from scratch, he needed everything provided in our startup package: domain name registration and email setup, logo design and business cards. We also built a brand new WordPress website to educate potential students about his services and sign up for a free coaching session.

We love walking clients from ground zero to a professional brand ready for business. Our startup package is designed to get you up and running quickly and cost-effectively. Here’s how it worked for Bill:

Step 1: choose and register the domain name. This is often one of the hardest parts, since it’s become so hard to find available URL’s. Because Bill was using his own name this was straightforward.

Step 2: after registering the domain name, we set up an email account with Google Workspace. This is a paid business version of Google that allows you to use your own domain with Gmail, access additional Drive storage and other features. For more about email accounts, see this page.

Step 3: discuss and design the logo. We always begin with a short questionnaire about the desired style and color scheme. Logo design generally goes through several rounds of revisions, from black and white concepts, to further refining, to color, finalizing and export of formats for web and print use.

Step 4: set up WordPress website hosting, connect to the domain purchased in step 1 and begin layout and design. For new websites we discuss general page structure, content/copy, and the workflow we want to use. This is the longest part of the process, since it required copywriting, review to make sure explanations were clear, and many other changes.

Step 5: final website testing and launch. We tested each step of the process to make sure everything was functioning properly. Bill’s site is a great example of using technology to streamline your workflow (see below).

Step 6: design and print business cards so he can promote and show off the new brand and website.

how your website can automate your workflow

This website is a great example of how your website can simplify onboarding with thoughtful automations and integrations. Check it out:


Initial Form Inquiry

After reviewing Bill’s website, seeing his services and testimonials, a potential student decides to sign up for a free coaching session. Having a clear Call To Action (CTA) is one of the most important components of any website, and we placed it on the bottom of every page. It’s short and sweet.

Automated Booking Link

Once the student has submitted the form, they are redirected to a customized thank you page, and Bill receives an email notification.

The website then automatically sends the student an email explaining the next steps. This email includes a link to schedule an appointment through Bill’s booking system (Acuity Scheduling).


Intake Form

The appointment booking page includes an intake form that asks questions about the student’s learning objectives. Bill receives a copy of this form when the appointment is scheduled, so he can prepare for the session and customize it to the needs of the student.

Free Language Session

Acuity is integrated with Zoom video conferencing, so it automatically emails a link to the student and Bill on the day of the appointment.

The website automates the entire process from start to finish, so Bill is able to focus his energy on preparing for the lesson and working with his student.


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