Managed WordPress Website Hosting


Standard web hosting with free SSL (https – padlock icon). Maintenance is included – updates, backups, security monitoring, tech support and free premium plugin licenses. Required for as long as your website is active.



Web hosting is renting space on a server to store and serve your website files. It renews monthly or annually, and it’s generally nothing more than server space, an access panel of some kind and a few free tools. When you see the low monthly cost clickbait across the internet, that’s just for the space, and never includes maintenance. It’s assumed the website owner will update plugins, run backups, and know what to do if there are security issues. We don’t know a single entrepreneur who has time to do that, which is why maintenance is built into our hosting plans. Managed hosting = maintenance done for you.

Hosting includes these free premium plugin licenses:

Plugin License Features Value
Mailpoet Premium integrated email marketing, up to 5000 subscribers $550/year
GravityForms extremely powerful form builder and integrations $259/year
Gravity Perks further extends GravityForms functionality $299/year
iThemes Security Pro adds additional lockdown functionality, notifications and blocking brute force attacks $80/year
ShortPixel compress images for faster load times free – $47.88/year
WP Rocket caching that instantly speeds up page load times $49/year

Others are available for special use cases or at reduced rates.

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Managed WordPress Website Hosting