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Jessica Roark is a talented documentary wedding photographer in Kansas City. In 2015, she was in need of a new website for her small business.

The company that provided her existing website had originally built it in Flash. Without getting into the technical details too much, let’s just say that Flash is obsolete. It won’t load on Apple devices, so on a MacBook, iPad, or iPhone, you had to “view the HTML version of the website”. You can see how difficult it would be to find and send clients to the right pages on the HTML workaround site below (see the wall of text that is the menu).

Old Website

Need #1: a professional, modern website as beautiful as epagaFOTO’s wedding images.

Need #2: simplify web hosting accounts.

Over the years Jessica had lost track of where her domains were registered, had missing or multiple logins to different/unknown services, and had started a completely separate WordPress blog because the current website was difficult to use and had no blogging features. There were around 4-5 different companies/logins involved we had to track down to get access to everything.

Multiple, missing website logins are the norm.

Your domain name might be registered with one company, your website hosting with another, email accounts with another, and so on. Rarely do we encounter an business with an existing website who knows exactly where all the website components can be accessed and how to do so (missing passwords, etc.).

We found all the information needed, and epagaFOTO now gets one invoice, from one company, with everything needed to keep the website up and running, as well as a single point of contact for all questions. There are still multiple accounts and passwords, domains pointing at servers and email hosting (because that’s how the web works) but we manage all those details so she can focus on capturing weddings and engagements. But back to the redesign…

Website Redesigned on WordPress


Website redesigns are great because there’s already existing content or page hierarchy to pull from, but there wasn’t much here that was usable. We built completely from scratch on WordPress with a responsive template (meaning it adapts to fit mobile devices).

Our focus is always on how to best organize the content so your users will be able to easily find what they need. We created a page for each individual photographer where all their information lives (biography, portfolios, rates, booking, etc.). Specific pages for rates and booking are easy to find.

We also migrated all old blog posts from the separate, existing WordPress blog epagaFOTO had been using into the new site. Blog posts are a cinch now, and the business will benefit from any blog traffic.

built in appointment booking for better website workflow

We build most of our websites on the WordPress platform, but we often incorporate other apps and services, depending on the business. In this case scheduling was incredibly important. epagaFOTO already used Acuity Scheduling, so we embedded Acuity forms for each photographer directly into the relevant pages. We also used a non-default plugin for galleries, as photographer galleries are often a little heavier than what’s intended for default WordPress options.

Every cyclone press website client is given access to a premium form creator, which we used to create an entire wedding photography contract. Once digitally signed and submitted by a client, epagaFOTO is notified by email and receives a PDF for their archives. We’re big proponents of using technology to streamline your business workflow. is now a beautiful, user-friendly website that adapts to mobile devices, performs time-saving functions like online scheduling, portfolio review and contract submission, and is maintained and updated as needed by cyclone press.

This is how we take a complex existing website and turn it into an easily managed WordPress site that beautifully showcases your branding.


"I cannot sing enough praises for Sarah and her amazing set of skills and dedication to her clients. I have relied on her entirely for my website management and now use her to help set up and manage my client management system. Her brain works in an entirely different way than mine and I'm SO thankful to be able to call on her when I'm in need of tech help. She knows it ALL...and if for some reason she doesn't, she figures it out. Sarah is the best money I spend on my business. I would recommend her to any business owner that doesn't want to spend hours writing code and making things work. ha. But seriously – I owe her so much more than I pay her."

Jessica Roark
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