Wanda needed to develop a brand for her up-and-coming jewelry line utilizing raw stones minimally set in metal. We wanted to go for a rough, edgy look, just like her jewelry, and since handmade goods call for handmade lettering, this logo was created with India ink on watercolor paper.

Initial drafts of the word “Duplika” were too uniform and calligraphy style, which was too polished for this brand. The final version was actually drawn with the non-dominant hand for a more eclectic look.

After we confirm sketches are heading in the right direction, the drawing is digitized and every tiny angle is perfected. For example, the “r” was digitally re-drawn to make sure it would be readable at small sizes.

Immediate needs for marketing materials included business cards, jewelry cards which can be cut to size depending on usage (earrings vs. necklace), and an Etsy banner. After Wanda set up a booth at Bella Patina, a shop in the West Bottoms, we designed a unique PVC sign that was mounted to steel angle iron as a stand. A standard vinyl banner for craft tents was a later addition as well.

Find Duplika Jewelry online, on Instagram, and at local craft fairs in Kansas City. Her jewelry is also sold at The Bunker in Westport and Made in KC stores. We’re looking forward to seeing Wanda’s business grow.

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