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A custom WordPress package for motivated makers, creators, and artists to sell online: one flat monthly rate for infinite customization.

Marketplaces and social media platforms are fantastic for getting found by new customers, but they lock you into a platform you don't own and could lose at any time. It's important for creators to own their content, which is why the savviest soloproneurs will invest time building an email list and directing traffic to a website they fully control. If you've decided you need a website that's yours alone, we've got you covered.

Launch an online store in minutes. No, really... minutes.

After signup, our system will instantly launch a demo store (click here to view a live MakerStore demo). The filler text is set to instructive prompts to help you write content, and it's easy to upload your own logo, colors, photos, and products.

Most importantly, there are no product listing fees, and products never require re-listing. If you run into trouble, we're here to help, with 1 hour of tech support included, and another hour for additional tech setup prior to launch.

  • MakerStore

    A custom WordPress e-commerce website for motivated makers, creators, and artists to sell online - one flat monthly rate for infinite customization and no product listing fees. Design is as easy as following the prompts and uploading your own photos and products. This package includes 1 hour of support and additional technical setup before launch.

MakerStore Includes:

  • instant setup and launch of self-hosted WordPress website
  • WooCommerce installed and ready for product upload (Products, WooCommerce Payment through Stripe, and WooCommerce Shipping)
  • 5 GB disk space and free SSL
  • pre-designed demo with instructive prompts
  • BeaverBuilder drag-and-drop website builder with design extensions
  • $1567.00 worth of premium plugin licenses, pre-installed and configured
  • Mailpoet Premium integrated email marketing, up to 5000 emails - send newsletters through your website, no other software needed (subscription form already set up and ready to collect emails)
  • 1 hour of technical support
  • 1 hour of pre-launch technical configuration:
      • form notifications
      • setup Google Analytics/Search Console
      • SEO sitemap submission
      • quick mobile testing
      • basic design cleanup
      • connect domain name
  • add-ons available, like online booking, automatic embedded testimonials and more
  • hourly support as needed or monthly support plans
  • ongoing managed WordPress hosting is $49.95/month (required)
  • no product listing fees

Need a domain name (yourbusiness.com)? Add Domain Name/URL Registration to your cart and we will register and connect it for you.

why we love WordPress

Here’s our #1 problem with websites like Squarespace and Wix: your website is locked into a platform you don’t own. Think of Facebook; no one is under the illusion that they “own” their Facebook page or they can take it somewhere else. If Facebook goes down tomorrow, your page goes with them. We certainly don’t think Squarespace is going to disappear anytime soon, but when one of our clients decided to put a business on hold, there was no way to export her site. It’s pay forever, or lose it.

WordPress is open-source software that you run on your own server. You can back it up and take it anywhere, at any time. Don’t like your hosting? Export it and move on. Here’s how you set it up:

Traditional WordPress Setup:

  • Step 1: research and select a hosting company, purchase a hosting plan
  • Step 2: log in to the backend and install the WordPress platform
  • Step 3: choose, purchase, and install a WordPress theme (overall site structure/layout)
  • Step 4: design the header and footer, set up pages, menus and contact forms
  • Step 5: design the pages: add content, photos–the actual designing of the site
  • Step 6: launch, testing and finalization/SEO best practices

cyclone press Makerstore:

  • Step 1: click the signup button and launch site
  • Step 2: follow the prompts to write copy, upload your own logo and photos, change colors to your liking
  • Step 3: upload products; individually or as a CSV

“I had an all around amazing experience with Sarah and Cyclone Press. She made it important to understand my business and the image I wanted to create. She also offered bits of advice along the way, to make sure I had addressed all the steps necessary when starting a business. I appreciate her artistic creativity and help to come up with just the right outcome for our project."

Maria Seedorff
Greek Girls Gourmet

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