Maybe you've considered designing your own website to save money. But which platform is best? What if it’s too hard?

At first glance, there appear to be only 2 options for building a website:

  • Option A: Hire a studio like cyclone press to provide consulting and design a professional, done-for-you WordPress website.
  • Option B: Sign up for an account on a limited page builder service and hope you can figure it out/get it to do what you need it to do.

Those are the only options, right? Nope.

  • Option C: A DIY WordPress website with cyclone press.

Start designing your own WordPress site in minutes. No, really... minutes.

Our DIY WordPress website comes pre-installed with a demo site and ~50 more available at the click of a button. Design can be as simple as replacing demo content, or creating blank pages and building from scratch. Whatever you decide, we’ll be here to help – this package includes 1 hour of tech support, and technical configuration when you’re ready to launch. You can design your own website, but do it with support.

do-it-yourself web design without the risk

You get the benefit of our years of experience without having to spend the hours we did to acquire it. When something weird happens or you can’t find the setting you need, just drop us an email and we’ll send screenshots/screen recordings with instructions. If halfway through you decide DIY isn’t for you, we can jump in and tidy things up at our hourly rate. We also handle all the ongoing maintenance (weekly updates, backups, and security monitoring) so that’s one less thing for you to worry about.

But the biggest benefit?

Right before launch, we’ll jump in with our designer eyes and touch up the little areas where the spacing needs work or the wrong module was used. We’ll submit sitemaps to Google to jumpstart your SEO and take care of all the little hidden settings you’d never know to change. You won’t find our personalized attention to detail anywhere else. Check out the demo below, then click 'Launch Site' to get started.

  • DIY WordPress

    A demo site containing 6 pages with filler text and photos, so design can be as easy as replacing content and colors. Other industry-specific demos available after launch, or create blank pages and start from scratch. Includes 1 hour of tech support if you need assistance and cleanup before launch.

DIY WordPress Package Includes:

  • instant setup and launch of self-hosted WordPress website
  • 5 GB disk space and free SSL
  • pre-installed 6-page demo and contact form
  • access to ~50 demo websites
  • BeaverBuilder drag-and-drop website builder with design extensions
  • $1567.00 worth of premium plugin licenses, pre-installed and configured
  • Mailpoet Premium integrated email marketing is included - send emails through your website, no other software needed
  • 1 hour of technical support
  • 1 hour of pre-launch technical configuration:
      • form notifications
      • integration with email mailing lists
      • setup Google Analytics/Search Console
      • SEO sitemap submission
      • quick mobile testing
      • basic design cleanup
      • connect domain name
  • add-ons available, like online booking, automatic embedded testimonials and more
  • hourly support as needed or monthly support plans
  • ongoing managed WordPress hosting is $59.95/month (required)

Need a domain name (yourbusiness.com)? Add Domain Name/URL Registration to your cart and we will register and connect it for you.

website design by our awesome clients

Other than general recommendations and occasional support, the sites below were designed (and are updated by) the website owners.

why we love WordPress

Here’s our #1 problem with websites like Squarespace and Wix: your website is locked into a platform you don’t own. Think of Facebook; no one is under the illusion that they “own” their Facebook page or they can take it somewhere else. If Facebook goes down tomorrow, your page goes with them. We certainly don’t think Squarespace is going to disappear anytime soon, but when one of our clients decided to put a business on hold, there was no way to export her site. It’s pay forever, or lose it.

WordPress is open-source software that you run on your own server. You can back it up and take it anywhere, at any time. Don’t like your hosting? Export it and move on. Here’s how you set it up:

Traditional WordPress Setup:

  • Step 1: research and select a hosting company, purchase a hosting plan
  • Step 2: log in to the backend and install the WordPress platform
  • Step 3: choose, purchase, and install a WordPress theme (overall site structure/layout)
  • Step 4: design the header and footer, set up pages, menus and contact forms
  • Step 5: design the pages: add content, photos–the actual designing of the site
  • Step 6: launch, testing and finalization/SEO best practices

cyclone press DIY WordPress:

  • Step 5: design the pages: add content, photos–the actual designing of the site

With our DIY WordPress packages, you get to jump straight to Step 5 - the actual design. Initial setup is done for you, and when you're ready to launch, we go through our prelaunch checklist and take care of that as too.


“I had an all around amazing experience with Sarah and Cyclone Press. She made it important to understand my business and the image I wanted to create. She also offered bits of advice along the way, to make sure I had addressed all the steps necessary when starting a business.”

Maria Seedorff
Greek Girls Gourmet

let’s build a better website.

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