Google Says: New Email Sending Requirements

As of February 1, 2024, email sending best practices are now requirements.

Remember a few years ago how SSL (https://) used to be recommended for your website, then Google decided it was a requirement? Yeah, it’s like that, but for email.

If you send email to Gmail/Google Workspace users (let’s be honest – that’s everyone), then you need to meet the following requirements:

  1. Only send email newsletters from your branded domain (don’t send newsletters from [email protected]: send from [email protected]). You should definitely be doing this anyway.
  2. Prevent email impersonation by setting up SPF or DKIM email authentication for your domain. These are DNS records added to, which we’ve already taken care of if you’re a client on a Managed Hosting Plan. Read the guidelines at the links below to learn more about these records.
  3. Maintain a low spam report rate of under 0.1% (that’s fewer than 1 spam report per 1,000 emails), and never exceed more than 0.3% (3 spam reports per 1,000 emails). So also what you were (hopefully) already doing.

If you’re on a cyclone press Managed Hosting Plan and/or we originally set up your email account, we’ve already taken care of adding these records for you.

Here are a few handy links to announcements from several of the big companies (plus MailPoet, which is the email marketing software we offer to our clients for free).

Announcement Links:

Need Help?

If you have specific questions about this (or anything else website-related) please reach out and we’re happy to answer your questions.

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